About Jim

Jim Reimann has over 35 years of healthcare contracting experience in both health plan and provider arenas. He has worked both with clinics and hospitals in the analysis of their reimbursement rates and payor/provider negotiations.

His years of working out the details of contract implementation and review make him a great advocate for providers.

Jim has also served on both the MMGMA Payer Relations Committee as Chairman, and is a MMGMA Government Affairs Committee member.  He advised the MMGMA Executive Committee during the 2020 year during the pandemic, managing and supervising the 2020 MMGMA ‘Day With The Payers’ when it moved from annual conference to a virtual conference.  He was instrumental in testifying for the passage of Minnesota Statue 62Q.735, otherwise known as the “Fair Contracting Law” in 2010, which set rules in place to protect the rights of Minnesota Providers in their relationships with the Minnesota Health Plans.