Fee Schedules

Physician Advocates of Minnesota is a leader in providing effective solutions for health plan contracting, reimbursement and revenue management. Our clients include primary care and specialty practices, hospitals and other health care providers. We focus on the revenue side of the equation, leaving you to do what you do best – caring for patients.

We can help level the playing field in your payer contract negotiations. We do more than produce strategy and recommendations – we negotiate and implement solutions. We can make the difference.

Reimbursement Analysis

Our knowledge of the market combined with a managed care expertise produces bottom line results for our clients:

  • Provider fee schedule development
  • Payer fee schedule analysis
  • Reimbursement comparison
  • RVU methodology
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Payer mix analysis
  • Payer contract analysis
  • Risk contract analysis

Health Plan Contracting

One significant point of difference in the market is the depth of our experience, which includes over 35 years working inside contracting and finance departments of several large health plans.

  • Contract negotiation strategies
  • Contract proposal analysis
  • Contract language analysis
  • Contract obligations
  • Direct negotiation support
  • Contract installation
  • Contract management
  • New product analysis
  • Network participation analysis

Revenue Management

After initial negotiations we have several strategies to keep revenue managed at a healthy level, meaning our clients continue to see positive returns:

  • Contract monitoring
  • Business Office Support
  • Payment rate audit
  • Settlement audit
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Collection factor analysis
  • Claims aging analysis
  • Denied claims analysis
  • Payer re-coding
  • Prompt payment compliance
  • Interest on late payments